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Art Water Design products are made using 1. class quality materials. Our products can be shipped with UPS and ARAMEX worldwide. All products are securely packaged before shipment. We provide problem-free shipping for our customers. You can witness the quality of Art Water Design products as well. For detailed information, please contact us.

Payment Method: You can pay on installments with credit card. Wire transfer or EFT can be used for orders as well. We have arrangements with banks. You can use 3D secure payment system to directly perform payment. Payment can be made in cash, single payment or in installments. 

Delivery: There might be delays in the delivery of ordered products due to some reasons. In such cases, you need to inform us of your request depending on shipment method in advance. When the Art Water Design products which can be manufactured in custom sizes are ready for shipment, you will be sent a notification. Our products are shipped with installation and assembly performed. For detailed information, please contact our customer representative.

Payment Follow-Up: If there are any errors in payment due to high workload or temporary stoppages in banks, you can receive information from us on whether the transaction is completed or not. Once your order is completed, your product will be shipped within specified shipping dates without a problem. If you cannot perform payment due to a problem in your bank, you can contact the bank whose credit card you are using.

Product Information: Due to the possibility of damaged products upon arrival due to shipping; please check the product next to shipping company employee against any damages. In case of any damage to the product, have the shipping company employee take a statement immediately.

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